Kyosuke Kagami

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Orange
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • From the game series Rival Schools, by Capcom
  • First Appearance: Chapter 13

A student of Taiyo High School, and a member of the mysterious Morals Committee. He joined the investigation of the kidnappings and attacks that were occuring at Taiyo and adjacent school districts last year as a cover, since in fact he was responsible for many of them, including the kidnapping of Shizuku, the mother of Batsu Ichimonji. While he was not entirely enthusiastic about the methods being used, Kyosuke was loyal to his brother Hyo, the mastermind behind the events. However, in the course of the investigation he gained a newfound respect for the power of friendship and justice as he watched the struggles of Batsu and Hinata Wakaba as they overcame all the obstacles Hyo had placed in their path. Eventually, he turned against his brother and truly joined the heroes, realising Hyo had lost the way. Together, along with brave students from other schools that had been attacked, they stopped Hyo’s mad scheme, and freed all his captives from his insidious mind control. A strong bond of friendship between all who had participated in that battle survives to this day, and even Hyo was eventually convinced that perhaps, just perhaps, there was something to this “friendship” that he had never believed in before.

Kyosuke is primarily a serious and intellectual sort, but has a strong streak of micheviousness. He enjoys lightly teasing his classmates, though never in a cruel way. While he is extremely good at athletics, and is a superb martial artist, he prefers to avoid physical exertion whenever possible, and his usual pastimes are more artistic, such as flower arranging. He is well-regarded in the school (Ran has referred to him in articles as “one of the Seven Wonders of Taiyo”), though considered something of a distant, awesome figure to many normal students. Kyosuke discourages people from praising or complimenting him, however, feeling it reduces his motivation to improve. He believes in maintaining an orderly atmosphere, through preventative action when possible. An odd habit of his, due to his many duties at school, is to take short naps without warning in public places. This is a well-known fact about him; accordingly, Kyosuke sometimes fakes being asleep, just to see how people act when they don’t believe he’s paying attention.

Kyosuke is one of the best martial artists in his age group. His eclectic style features sudden, sharp attacks from unexpected angles, and utilises his athleticism to its full extent. Many of his more spectacular moves involve channeling his chi into devastating pyrotechnic displays, including waves of energy and electrical bursts reminiscent of lightning. He also employs psychological warfare against foes whenever he gets the chance, even in friendly competitions. Additionally, while the extent of Kyosuke’s knowledge was never fully shown, he is familiar with the techniques his family uses to brainwash others.

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