• Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Reddish-Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Dark Kingdom
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 15

One of the four grand generals of the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is second only in power to Kunzite. Nephrite is very confident, almost arrogant, when it comes to his own methods. He is highly interested in astrology and believes the movements of the stars and planets guide and shape the destiny of the world. Even his magical powers tend to have a astrological flavour to them.

Nephrite is perhaps the least callous of the dark generals. Nephrite would never be called compassionate, but he does highly respect loyalty and shows gratitude to those he perceives he has a debt towards. He is certainly willing to manipulate others, but doing so leaves him with a feeling of… not regret, but at least not nearly so much glee as he thinks he should. His plans for collecting energy are often highly personal, focusing on extracting all the potential energy from a single human target.

Magically, Nephrite is quite powerful, boasting a variety of abilities. He can use his astrology to predict the identities of humans with large potential powers that are about to reach their peak. He can fly, produce bolts of magical energy which he can cause to rain from the sky, materialize weapons and even entire houses from thin air, summon magical constructs, teleport and has magically enhanced reflexes and strength which make him able to take care of himself in a hand-to-hand fight. He is more than a match for any three youma without even restorting to magic. Nephrite is also capable of constructing magical artifacts using his astrology. The extent of this ability is unknown.

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