Reichmann Gyro

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: White/None
  • Eyes: Purple with yellow irises/Golden with red irises
  • Nationality: Unknown, but probably German
  • From the manga Biobooster Armor Guyver, by Yoshiki Takaya
  • First Appearance: Chapter 13

Very little is known about the past of Reichmann Gyro. Presently, he is a zoaloard, the youngest of all 12 of the god-like rulers of Chronos. Indeed, he is so young, that he has never as of yet met Arkanphel, the millennia-old supreme ruler of the cabal. Currently, Gyro is in Japan, overseeing the operation to retrieve the Guyver units. This is, in fact, largely a pretense. Despite his incredible power and position of high stature, his ambitions know no limit. Gyro dreams of nothing less than disposing of Arkanphel and his fellow zoalords, and then taking over the world, or perhaps even the entire galaxy. However, to do this he must gain more power than he presently possesses, and thus he plots to steal one of the Guyver units for his own use.

Reichmann Gyro is a classical villain, and loves it. He has essentially no redeeming character traits whatsoever. He is cold, callous, cruel, will dispose of his subordinates whenever they a) grow useless, b) fail, or c) the whim hits him, enjoys talking about how powerful he is and how enemies are helpless against his diabolical schemes, and he will actually describe said schemes as “diabolical”. His arrogance and tendancy to underestimate the capabilities of foes are perhaps his greatest weaknesses.

Those weaknesses are fortunate for said foes, because as a zoalord, Gyro is well-nigh invincible. He can generate a practically invulnerable energy shield that is easily capable of standing up to the best that a Guyver can dish out (to say nothing of your standard, or even better than standard, martial artist). Using the same energy, he can project devastating bolts of force, or his deadly “incision wave”, which can slice through anything. He can fly, as well as move at incredibly high speeds. His most powerful weapon, however, is the ability to control gravity through the nodes implanted in his zoalord body. Such is his power that if pressed, Gyro can summon a tiny black hole that will devastate anyone or anything in the area. He rarely uses this, as even he has trouble controlling it, but even a lesser display of gravitational force would be more sufficient to kill nearly any foe he faces. Like all zoalords, he may communicate with, control, or even kill any zoanoid via telepathic commands over a limited but sizeable range. Even in his human form, Gyro is powerful enough to fight a Guyver in hand to hand combat. All of these powers derive from the zoalord crystal embedded in his forehead, which is normally only visible in his monstrous form. Virtually his only weakness as a combatant, aside from a lack of terribly sophisticated strategy, is the fact his power reserves, while vast, are finite. After exerting himself considerably, Gyro requires rest to recharge his reserves, and particularly large expenditures of power may even knock him briefly unconscious.

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