Sakura Yamazaki

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Red
  • Nationality: Japanese/American
  • From the anime series Blue Seed, property of AD Vision and Yuzo Takada
  • First Appearance: Chapter 14

Child of a Japanese shinto priestess, as a young girl Sakura watched helplessly as her mother gave her life in order to stop the aragami Nozuchi, that had been released from his dormancy by the birth of the Kushinada twins, Kaede and Momiji. After her mother’s death, sakura was recruited by an agent of the United States government and moved to that country in order to be trained to best exploit her natural paranormal talents. Now, years later, she has grown up to be a powerful psychic and agent in good standing of the CIA.

Sakura Yamazaki is a shameless attention-junkie, to say the least. She knows she is beautiful, intelligent, talented, and powerful, and will not let anybody forget any of these facts. Ever. She looks upon her country of birth with the sort of smiling condescension one generally reserves for the extremely quaint, much preferring the cosmopolitan lifestyle she enjoys in America. Although she doesn’t admit it, especially to herself, she has deep psychological scars relating to her mother’s death, and desires to avenge her, and even more so, to make her proud. She is a good person who helps those in need… usually. She doesn’t admit this, either.

Sakura can back up her boasting with an impressive array of abilities. She has been well-trained in athletics and physical combat by the CIA, and enjoys a very moderate level of superhuman physical capability, comparable with Akane at the start of the manga. She is psychicly sensitive, able to detect and track negative enrgy and other paranormal phenomena. She is able to use paper ofuda wards to accomplish a variety of effects, including but not limited to warding an area against evil, energy blasts, paralysing human beings, and summoning a variety of monstrous familiar spirits called shikigami.

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