• Gender: Male. Really.
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Nationality: Dark Kingdom
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 6

Zoicite is one of the four Dark Kingdom Generals, tasked with locating the elusive Silver Crystal. He is probably the least powerful of the four, and seems to have less servants directly under his command. Zoicite makes up for this, however, in being the most cunning, ruthless and treacherous of the Generals. Zoicite cares about two things only: himself, and his lover Kunzite. He is not above stabbing others in the back to achieve his own ends, or disobeying orders out of sheer spite and stubborn pride.

Zoicite has a variety of magical abilities. He is an excellent fighter, but not much more supernaturally strong than a Sailor Senshi. He can also teleport, create concussive blasts, fly, create near-perfect disguises and produce other magical effects nearly on demand.

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