Blade’s ImproParty Profile


Name: Blade  Sex: M    Physical Age: 20    True Age: ?
Also Goes By: Chris McNeil, That Annoying Jerk, The Enemy of Democracy
Height: 1'2" Weight: 50lbs  Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black with white

Primary Goal(s):
- Be the best Crony he can be
- Convert people to Pantyhose Tarou Worship
- Complain Loudly
- Take Over the World

Secondary Goal(s):
- Earn the respect of his idol, De-mo
- Babble Incessantly about Tarou
- Convince people that, yes, Ryouga can beat Ranma

- Encyclopedic knowledge of Ranma 1/2 manga
- Sings karaoke 
- Can endlessly quote historical figures
- Never admits to losing a debate
- Never admits to debating with people smarter than him
- Can blame Epsilon for virtually anything
- Can blame Epsilon for losing debates, if he ever admitted to losing 
- Mimics De-mo poorly
- Laughs like Toguro Ani when no one can hear him
- Blames Epsilon for this
- Canadian Citizen
- Blames Epsilon for that too

- Tendency to quote encyclopedic knowledge of Ranma 1/2 manga
- Nowhere near as good an evil sidekick as De-mo
- Whines incessantly
- Can't write a lunch menu without Tarou being in it somewhere
- Enemy of democracy
- Whines incessantly about Tarou
- Makes confusing corrections
- Pisses away Ultra projects through his arrogance
- Complains Loudly
- Gets into Flame Wars at the drop of a hat
- Nobody likes him
- Nobody loves him
- Thinks he'll eats some wo-r-rms...
- Big fat sticky ones
- Little slimy crawly ones
- Itsy bitsy disgusting worms!

- Ukyou Kuonji, Pantyhose Tarou, Kiima, Saffron (adult version), Ryuu
Kumon, Mariko Konjou, Anna, Yohyou Tsyurasennen (all from Ranma 1/2),
Sesshoumaru, Hiten (from Inuyasha), Alys Brangwin (from Phantasy Star
IV), Kalia, Princess Fatora (El Hazard), Vega (as in the bishonen
Spanish ninja), Karin Kanzuki (from Street Fighter), Ibuki Yagami
(from Maison Ikkoku), Bleu (Breath of Fire 1-3), Sephiroth, Yuffie
(FFVII), Hsien-ko, Lilith, Baby Bonnet Hood (DarkStalkers), Dilgear,
Remy (Slayers), Mian Toris, Empress Shion (Caravan Kidd), Brad Kilsten
(Psychic Force), Celes Chere (FFIII/VI), Rei Ayanami (gee, take a
guess), Asuka Soryu Langley (Evangelion -manga- only ;p), Athena
Asamiya (King of Fighters), Gieve, Narsus (Heroic Legend of Arislan),
Ashram (Record of Lodoss War), Shadow Lady, Lime (Shadow Lady),
Deadpool (non-anime/manga! *gasp*), Rin (Please Save My Earth, but
only when he's looking evil ;p), Toguro Ani, Bui, (Yuu Yuu Hakusho),
Koume, Sakura Yamazaki (Blue Seed), Vegeta (DBZ), Rico Banderas,
Emeralda (Xenogears), and the psycho soldier from Windaria.
- Complaining loudly
- Plotting to take over the world
- Debating
- Not admitting he has lost a debate

- Humanity in general
- You specifically

Blade was raised by people that told him they were his 
parents, and lived a life where he had to constantly leave 
town ahead of several angry mobs. He spent most of his 
early life complaining loudly and plotting world domination 
until he met Aaron Peori, whom he decided to manipulate 
into making him lots of money so he (Blade) could retire 
early. This, ideally, would allow him to complain loudly 
and plot world domination without any further hassles. 

He likes winning debates, complaining loudly, plotting world 
domination and anything that is even remotely related to 
Pantyhose Tarou (of Ranma 1/2), not necessarily in that order. 
He has reproduced. 

Blade vehemently denies the rumor that he complains loudly 
and is plotting to take over the world. 

Fellow Authors, please ask me before you:
- Whip me with a wet noodle
- Have me turn on Epsilon like the backstabbing bastard I am
- Ruin a MGH chapter I poured real creative energy into beyond any
  hope of repair
- Get me romantically involved with someone I dislike (see above)

Fellow Authors, please do not:
- Have me do drugs
- Have me sing show tunes
- Have me refer to myself as "That Annoying Jerk"
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