How the Wind Works in Creation

Wind is produced by the constant susurration of the Elemental Pole of Air, diverted around the Omphalos and consumed by the Pole of Fire (this is why fire sources in sealed rooms rapidly render you unable to breathe as they consume the Air essence). In the East, the wind is caught by the stretching limbs of the Pole of Wood and converted into food. In the West the Air and Water clash violently; Air constantly wants to freeze and push Water around and Water constantly wants to push Air out of it (thus why the further you go under water the harder it is to hold your breath, it’s the Water trying to squeeze the Air out of you). Multiple wars have broken out between air and water elementals and their associated courts because of this.

In theory the air currents are supposed to be regulated by the Five Bears: yes, the highest air spirits are winged bears what are you talking about that’s not crazy it’s perfectly natural. In practice they are a chaotic mess and frequently erupt into storms and hurricanes and monsoons. Blame the Storm Mothers. Also, blame them for all the sexism in the West.

In general however, wind goes North to South. This means sailing ships travel fastest when going south. However Water naturally abhors Air and is notoriously contrary, so it resists being pushed South by flowing mostly Northward. So there are huge currents of water that flow North. If you want to travel North, the best bet is to draw in your sails and locate one of these currents and let it pull you with it. Water, being naturally contrary, is frequently changing so you need to have good navigators to be able to spot and stay in the right currents (it loves smashing ships into reefs). Hefty bribes for the water court spirits are recommended as well.

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