Why Death is Fundamental to Creation

Why is Death fundamental to Creation in the same way that Linear Time is?

I’m sorry, were you not paying attention to what Creation is? Creation is the single most powerful weapon every developed. Oh sure, it’s a place with people in it and lands and seas and air and nations and stuff – but fundamentally, at its very core, Creation is a weapon.

It was forged by the Primordials as a device to enforce their will on all that exists, has existed or will exist. They used it to conquer all things everywhere forever. All of infinite possibility, all of space and time and the farthest reaches of the Wyld, of the most inchoate and formless ends of Pure Chaos. Creation is a weapon designed for the conquest of everything. It is a set of Primordial-Scale powered armor, driven by the most powerful engine ever devised and run by autonomous AIs who control its various systems to optimize its ability to conquer others and protect its masters.

It defines all existence against itself. It did not just create linear time for Creation, it defined linear time for all of existence. Anything which touches Creation or becomes aware of it is forced to sync with its relentless forward progress of time. No raksha or shapeless being’s wish can push it backward, no matter how far away they are. Creation pushes forward and renders what was, was and makes them things that can, in time, be forgotten. It creates Secrets. And that was also a thing Creation imposed, farness. Creation is The Center and always will be. You can never escape it because it defines the very nature of the Journey. And you can not resist it because it was built to define what resistance was. All resistance to it is surrender. All acknowledgement of it is loss. It is the source of all Battles.

And for those who would resist it? Who are brought down by those Battles and losses? For the endless hordes of Chaos who knew neither death nor cessation? For them there can be an Ending.

And at the center of it? Buried behind this shells of protective Secrets and Journeys and Battles and Endings? The ultimate treasure the Primordials sought to create:


So why is death irreversible?

Because Creation was made to make it so.

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