Souichi Tomoe

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Probably mid-30s
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Japanese/Tao Nebula
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 14

A brilliant scientist, Souichi Tomoe was working on developing an “artificial space” in which to conduct his advanced genetic experiments, but inadvertantly drew the attention of the god-like entity Pharoah 90. The energy of that Chthonic being burst forth from the experiment, killing all the scientists in the building except Tomoe and his daughter Hotaru, and the latter was fatally injured.

Desperate, Tomoe made a deal with the alien entity’s servant Germatoid, who saved him and his young daughter’s life, at the price of both of them becoming hosts for Pharoah 90’s children, daimon. Since then, Tomoe’s personality has been all but completely subsumed by Germatoid, although Germatoid either consciously or unconsciously apes many of Tomoe’s human mannerisms and behaviours.

Germatoid’s goal is to fully bring Pharoah 90 into our world, at which point the “Silence” will be invoked, cleansing the world of all life except for Pharoah 90, who will then move on to other planets. In pursuit of this goal, Germatoid/Tomoe plans to use Hotaru. She is also possessed by a daimon; however, it is largely suppressed, and her true personality remains intact. If he can obtain the mystical Holy Grail, a soul of surpassing power, Germatoid believes the entity inside Hotaru will be the “Messiah of Silence”, the only being able to use it to truly emerge and bring Pharoah 90 and the Silence to this world.

To facilite and hide his covert activities, Tomoe has founded his own exclusive school, Mugen Academy. There, he and his servants work as students and faculty, hiding their true identities as they work to bring about the destruction of the world.

Tomoe/Germatoid is, essentially, an insane nihilistic occultist. In fact, Tomoe is so extremely insane, even his servants occasionally find it difficult to take his raving seriously. Nonetheless, he is the leader of the cabal, not least of which because he has bent his scientific skills to aiding the cause, chiefly in trying to find a way to replicate more daimon for use in their operation. He is also, aside from Kaorinite, the only member of the cabal to directly deal with Hotaru, the Messiah of Silence. While not always given complete respect, his position within his organisation has remained relatively secure to this point.

Germatoid does not particularly like fighting directly, which is probably why he has gathered more servants to do his dirty work for him. He will generally eschew direct confrontations when possible. If forced to fight, however, he has largely undefined supernatural powers, including the ability to abandon his human host and assume a giant, plant-like form of unknown potence. It is known that he can survive the complete destruction of his body as long as his egg remains intact.