How Solar Rule Actually Went

The actual history of the First Age went like this:

Solars win! Yeah!

Hey, let’s genocide and enslave every nonhuman race because FUCK NONHUMANS!

Autochthon: Uh…. BYE NOW! (pop)

Gaia: Holy shi… I mean… I must look for the Shining Answer. Love you Luna, later! (fly into the Wyld)

Hey, let’s all fight each other in a massive war that will nearly ruin Creation!

Wait, we nearly ruined Creation. Merela gets to be Queen and we’ll all play nice and live in Meru together. Totes friends forever!

Let’s expand Creation’s borders! 

After a few hundred years: this is boring, let’s fight each other again!

Wait, we almost ruined everything again. Let’s all calm down.

Huh? We can die of old age? FIGHT EACH OTHER AGAIN!

Okay, we almost ruined Creation again, so this time we’re all going to just calm down and work on making Creation better for every…

(Program: Creation has encounter a critical error, Abort, Retry, Fail?)


Hahaha! That was awkward. But this time we totally have everything under…


Whew. Well, that almost destroyed Creation again but NOW, for certain, we have a peaceful coexistence with each other. In exchange for everyone playing nice, you can decide not to be part of the Deliberative and do Whatever You Want to your own lands.

Hey, lets crack upon the tombs of the dead Primordials and use their blasphemous secrets to unleash the plague of Necromancy upon Creation! That sounds fun!

Also lets bioengineer entire races of slaves!

Also, lets rewrite the fundamental rules of Creation to give the equivalent of nuclear weapons to anyone who spends too much time watching the clouds!

Also, lets annihilate an entire country the size of the US and horribly murder all the citizens within its borders for a wargame!

Yeah, the Solar rulership was basically periods of about three hundred to six hundred years of relative peace, followed by the Solars nearly destroying everything on a regular basis.

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