On Limit Breaks

The general intent of Limit Break is that it’s something that won’t actually impact you much if you do exactly what a Solar Exalt shouldn’t. That is, the more you set yourself up with responsibility and power and prestige, the more and more Limit Break is going to screw you over. It’s actually an elegant little mechanic because if you just wander from place to place, doing random good deeds and leaving, it won’t catch up with you but rarely. However if you sit down, form a proper empire, raise an army, found a cult and so on like most Solars end up doing, then your Limit Condition is going to keep coming up more and more often as you are forced to pick between doing what Your Heart Tells You and what Is Good For Your People/Your Empire/Your Personal Glory.

In effect, Limit perfectly explains why the First Age went from a standard case of power corrupts to full-on hellhole so quickly and so often.

That said, if anyone picks high Conviction in my game I laugh at them, because justifying Conviction channels from me is like pulling teeth. And if the person acts like the kind of person who would get a lot of Conviction channels, well… let us just say that the Sidereals prioritize dealing with Solars whose modus operandi is “commit atrocities whenever possible”.

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