On Adorjan

Adorjan, the Silent Wind of Malfeas. Once, in the Time Before she was Adrian, the River of All Torments, whose fury drove back all the might of the Exalted until a single Exalt found her fetich soul and slew it. In response to the death of his heart, Adrian dried up and became Adorjan.

Adorjan, unlike Adrian, does not care. She very aggressively does not care. She has decided that pain is love. So she will love destroy everything you love, to prove this to you. She generally spends her time floating around Malfeas as an invisible, inaudible wind that kills everything it touches. Like she is literally the most dangerous environmental hazard in the entire game (exposure to nuclear hate sun or even raw elemental energy is not as bad as Adorjan exposure). She doesn’t like noise, so all of Malfeas is constantly filled with raucous everpresent music in the hopes it will drive her away (it doesn’t, she can shut down noise whenever she wants, but it makes people think they are safe, which is about all you can hope for). When not floating around as a deadly wind (or sometimes at the same time, Primordials be capable of existing in multiple places at once) she will take the forms of various beautiful women and get into relationships with people; usually appearing in their dreams and seducing them. If you fall in love with this dream-girl, she makes it her life mission to bring everything you care about to ruin before you beg for a merciful death at her hands which she will only grant once she’s finished showing you what a terrible mistake giving a shit about anything was. Also, occasionally, her dream affairs produce daughters, four of whom have become wind currents themselves.

tldr; Adorjan is what happens when the Buddha reaches enlightenment, discovers desire is the source of all suffering and decides “the obvious answer is more suffering!”

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