Why Enlightening Masses of Mortals is a Bad Idea

Mass Enlightenment should sound like a good idea… until you begin to realize how terrible an idea it is.

For example, the difficulty to weave Fate for a section of Creation is based on the Magnitude of the people that live in that area. So an area with a Magnitude of 10 had difficulty 10 to weave Fate for it. But this only counted for Unenlightened Mortals. Every being with Essence 2 plus was not counted as part of this Magnitude, but instead added their Essence score to the difficulty. So, for example, a 10,000 person town would go from Difficulty 10 to Difficulty 20,000 if you Enlightened everyone.

Basically, the only beings capable of maintaining the Loom of Fate at that point would be the Maidens. And they’re occupied.

So yeah, go ahead and turn six billion people into Enlightened mortals. Heck, the Fair Folk will help you for free.

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