If A Yozi Was A Gamer

(from a thread about combining Exalted with Gamer)

All Things Modeling Method
Cost: – (1m) Type: Permanent Duration: Permanent
Keywords: None
Mins: Essence 2 Prereqs: Essence Dissecting Stare

The Principle of Hierarchy has no need for vague allusions and analog metaphors to determine her input and output from the world. All things may be reduced to logos and all things may be modeled in the purity of her greatest contribution to existence: numbers, mathematics and the combination of those things.

From this point forward the Exalt is capable of reducing all information she is aware of to mathematical models and formulas which she can make herself aware of at any time. This does not provide the Exalt with any more information than her senses provide to her, but it does manage that data, allowing her to know such things as exactly how healthy she is, her exact percentage of expended Essence and many other feats. The Exalt may, at any time as a diceless miscellaneous question, perfectly recall any single datum she has known.

Upgrades from this Charm include:

Relentless Grinding of Progress
Task Managing Methodology
and so on.

(added later, in response to a prompt asking for a charm allowing you to metagame by claiming you read X in a sourcebook)

Assertion Upon The Source
Cost: 10m, 1wp Type: Reflexive Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: Shaping, Training
Prereqs: Ego-Infused Pattern Primacy, Relentless Grinding of Progress Mins: Essence 5

The fabric of existence was written upon the Shinma when Creation was first brought forth, and it was to She Who Lives In Her Name that the task of nailing the Shinma to conceptual reality and defining their interactions the task fell. In this delicate and supreme act of multidimensional arithmetic, regardless of her desires, a perfect equitable balanced equation could not be produced. The Pyrian Principle even spawned a complete soul – Etab The Unfinished Test, whose sole defining purpose was to produce the Noj Gnuhc; 1st Circle Devas that constantly examined the shinmaic substrata of Creation for unbalanced principles and submit reports for corrective action. Yet there were never enough, and the other Primordials refused to listen to her feedback with their constant assertions of ‘the need for free will’ and ‘we’ll just wing it, like Oramus does, you know make stuff up as we need to.’ This did not please the Pyrian Principle, but what could she do? She had a deadline to meet.

She Who Lives In Her Name deigned to let the imperfect Creation exist, but if the imperfections must exist at least she would know all of them. So it is that her Infernals may call upon this knowledge. Immediately after activating Ego-Infused Pattern Primacy (or any of its expansion Charms), the Infernal may activate this Charm. The Infernal states some arcane and dubious piece of esoteric lore regarding the unbalanced equations of existence and thereafter commits 10m and renders herself resistant to future effects that would impose that harm again. This manifest as one of the following: an additional dot in an Attribute, two additional dots in an Ability, three dots in a Specialty, or a Charm the Infernal meets the prerequisites for. This bonus must in some way contribute to making the Infernal better able to ward off the specific harm imposed on them; for instance they could gain Swords +3 to parry future attacks or Perception +1 to ward of future ambushes or learn Cosmic Transcendence of Conviction to ward off emotional manipulation. These bonuses may push the character past their Essence limit on traits (but not Charms); but only while the motes remain committed. The Infernal may uncommit the motes from this Charm and retain the benefit of increased traits or Charms (but not beyond their Essence limit) as a Training effect. This Charm can not be activated if the character is already benefiting from it or in experience debt for any reason.

Also, you should rename Task Managing Methodology to

Queueing Up Every Sequential Task Sciences
Cost: 3m Type: Simple (Speed 3, Dv -1) Duration: Indefinite (One Stated Goal)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Prereqs: All Things Modeling Method Mins: Essence 2

The Principle of Hierarchy is not overwhelmed by any task. She may effortlessly break down any arbitrarily complex task to its most simple elements and thus complete even the most difficult puzzle with ease. When the Infernal wishes to accomplish some task, she need merely state it aloud and then activate this Charm. This Charm ensures the character succeeds with a threshold of 0 successes on any valid Intelligence roll to decide on the next step towards that stated goal. This does not reveal information the Infernal does not know, so many times the ‘next valid step’ will include tasks such as “Learn the answer to this question” or “Locate this piece of missing information” but it does mean that regardless of the difficulty of the problem the Infernal will always be aware that she is missing key information. If the character believes false information, this Charm may be actively counter-productive since the Infernal is unable to distinguish between a valid roll (based on true information) or a invalid roll (based on false information).

Edit: To get the maximum bullshit out of Assertion Upon The Source, you should play a Fiend since “Any Eclipse-OK Charm” counts as “A Charm You Could Learn”

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