On Sidereals As Men in Black

“The important thing to remember is that I… was never here. <Avoidance Kata.>”

That reminds me about this one Sidereal one-on-one game I ran for a short time which was basically Assassin’s Creed Yu Shan. The entire game was the player planning elaborate infiltration schemes (Underling Invisibility Practice for the win) and then engaging in one round combats, taking out the primary target and engaging Avoidance Kata before the end of the second round. Instant perfect escape plus cover up of the crime. Best of all, since everything that had happened still had happened, the target was still dead, just with a plausible cover story.

Of course, since they used Underling Invisibility Practice so much, they ended up getting a lot of innocent maids, cooks and bureaucrats killed in their place. But if you aren’t leaving a string of ‘acceptable tactical losses’ in your wake that keeps you drinking Celestial Wine every night so you can sleep, you aren’t playing a Sidereal right.

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