On the Long Lifespans of Exalts

Personally this is a feature not a bug. I would rather play long logistic games with Exalted, and if the players don’t have to obsess over securing some form of prolonged life or immortality than they can instead focus on interesting things like whether to declare war on Paragon over trade sanctions.

And if I really want to play the boring and done to death immortality quest plotline, I can always have them do it for their mortal lover or whatever.

For me, Exalted hasn’t ever been about the struggle to succeed but the consequences of success. If I’m going to have an immortality quest… it’s going to succeed. That’s what Exalted do. They win. So why bother with the Ocean’s Eleven plot to steal some fruit from a garden when I can just assume the Night does it because he’s a fucking Night Caste that is what they do.

Much more interesting is the “So you live thousands of years. Now what?” So why not just skip the middle man and jump to the “Now what?”

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