Why Demon Summoning is Safe and Easy

(in response to someone saying demon summoning was never safe or easy in Exalted)

Actually yes it was, both from a Doylist and a Watsonian perspective. Demon summoning was supposed to be safe and easy because the game designers wanted to encourage players to have hordes of alien gribblies at their commands so they could be proper swords-and-sandals sorcerers who walk around with a retinue of alien gribblies and are all weird and otherworldly because that’s how sorcerers in the stories Exalted is trying to emulate roll.

And from an in-universe perspective, the Yozis encourage and want demon summoning to occur because it is one of their long-term plans to escape hell. They don’t want sorcerers worrying about leaving Octavian to guard their manse because they want people to summon Octavian and allow him influence in the world. They want the Exalted to rely on demons as dependable sources of cheap labor. Because that leads to the temptations of Infernalism (“wow, hell is full of nice guys who don’t screw me over when given the chance!”) and also allows the Yozi to, very rarely and when best needed, steal their soul’s eyes and know things.

Besides, the whole point of task binding is so that you can plumb a deserted manse, encounter bound guardian demons and have epic boss fights. If 2nd and even 3rd circles can’t show up at the bottom of a forgotten fortress waiting thousands of years for your PCs to show up, then the rules have failed to work as intended.

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