Please sah, could ya speah a shillin'?  Me mum & dad 'aven't eat'n fa three weeks n' such...

In the course of a typical day, I draw quite a lot. Sometimes, people pay me to draw things that they want drawn, and I do that for them. ;p

Basically, if you want to order a commission from me, here's the process: You e-mail me with what you want drawn. By and large I'm open about what I'll draw, but there are a few rules:
ANY drawing I do that features nudity and/or sexual themes will require an age statement!
I do not generally feel comfortable portraying violent and/or nonconsentual sex acts. A little bondage I can deal with, but rape/degredation/etc is pretty much out.

Once the request has been finalized, I'll use the table below to figure out what the cost will be, adjusting for complex images/backgrounds/whatever. If the price seems fair, give the okay to start work and send the payment. I go to work on the image, and when it's finished you get a high-res scan + I send you the original in the mail.

My basic fee structure is pretty simple and is set up by number of characters:

1st Character
Each Additional Character
CG Color

These are guidelines on how I'll price the average commission, however if the idea is simple enough or complex enough, I may lower or raise my fee a little, so be sure to e-mail me for an estimate before sending any payment!

I try very hard to make sure my customer always gets their money's worth, so if it sounds like a good deal to you, go ahead and:
Contact Me!