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Links to me!

Furbidden Realms is a project started by my friends Fox & Talen Lee, which I was inducted into.  This site houses the bulk of my furry art. The homepage for the Global Ranma Insanity Thread, which is a role playing project I've been working on for several years.  a lot of my art can be found here. The GHAP, or GRIT Hentai Art Pages, is where all the naughty bits of GRIT turn up!  I have a mammoth ammount of art here, finally back up and available for perusal! My page on Furaffinity.  Remember, tho, you have to sign up to view mature submissions!

Links to friends!

My illustrious host, Blade and Epsilon's collection of their uber fandom!  More fun then a box of squeegees!!!

Fox!  One of my best friends and an absolutely fantastic artist who deserves much praise, and cookies! More Fox Stuff! Fox's GRIT artwork! Alex K's site.  An old friend of mine, a great guy, and a talented artist.  Check out his awesome CG work! Alex K's nifty webcomic.  Currently on hiatus, but let's encourage him to start it back up! Young, Meta, and Slack.  A webcomic about superpeople by my partner in crime, Jon 'O-jin' Rowbottom. Shadowchasers!  Webcomic by James Dawsey, one of my con buddies. Nahast:  Lands of Strife - Webcomic by Alejandro Melchor.  Some very good writing and a cool setting, definitely worth checking out. And here's Alejandro's general website.  Much art and writings and other stuffs!

Links to Artists!

Fred Perry, art god.  Here can be found his portfolios for sale, and some information about his characters and works. Fred Perry's awesome depository of GD art and webcomics! Works availible for sale by the infamous Eric Schwartz, one of those who initially tempted me into the Furry persuasion. Here can be found Eric Schwartz's amusingly cute webcomic! MegaTokyo!  A cute, amusing webcomic by Fred Gallagher.  Go enjoy it, or I'll be a sad Jason in snow. Sparling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!  A funny, cute little webcomic about a young man who becomes a magical girl!  Yay! (evil grin) Studio Katsudon, the dojin circle of Japanese manga-ka Johji Manabe!  Very cool, if occasionally scary, stuff here! The works of Diana Sprinkle, another very cool artist with some nifty stuff. Michael Vega, another artist with some cool stuff. The art of Miu!  Some very cool art on this site, including 'Peaches & Cream online', home of the 'Food Skunks'.  much smut and some very nifty portfolios and stuff for sale as well.  Go forth and drool. Painfully cute Japanese Furry  artwork. Art of Chibikko Kingdom, a ultra cute dojin circle with some nifty GGXX dojin! Japanese Only. Boy Meets Girl!  The homepage of Magi, one half of the circle Cu-Little, who are one of my -favorite- dojinshi circles.  Truely adorable artwork. Saigado!  Famous for his Yuri/Athena & Friends Doujinshi, based on the KOF series.  Recently, he's branched out into Shota/Yaoi stuff, which is really no suprise if you paid any attention the the progression of his content.  ;p Fun little webcomic, nifty art style and some really clever humor.  Go there and bask in the cuteness! The studio responsible for the INCREDIBLY EXCELLENT Street Fighter Comic!

Other Links!

Radio Comix!  They publish some of the anthologies and stuff I've made it into, and lots of other cool stuff! Furbid!  Great place for buying and selling furry related material.