The Evil Amy makes me draw smut.  The good Amy makes me -write- smut.

Name: Jason Heavensrun

Age: Legal, and that's all I'm sayin! ('cause otherwise I'd have to update this page every year. .)

I was born and raised in Edmond, OK, attended OU, OSU, and after a long hiatus from school, got over my hangups about academia and am currently attending UCO. Took up comicking and manga-style art back in high school, and have been honing my skills ever since. I've had images published in Milk, Hit the Beach, and the Gold Digger Annuals, and have been doing commissions at conventions and over the web since Y2K.

My artwork is a mish-mash of different influences, as I try to adapt various things into my art style. My big influences have been Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, Ken Akamatsu, Takehiro Kimura, and my dear friend Fox Lee. ;p

Writing wise, I have a lot of respect for Orson Scott Card, Rumiko Takahashi and Terry Pratchett.

I've had a number of other creative influences over the years, but these are some of the big ones.

I'm big into console gaming, (Xbox rules) and obviously am a fan of a number of anime and manga. I tend to prefer creator-owned works to franchises, in general. They usually have more coherence.

Stuff I've been published in:


GD Annual #10
GD Swimsuit #4
GD Swimsuit #10
Hit the Beach #10
Hit the Beach #11
Hit the Beach #12
Milk #32
Milk #33

Short stories:

GD Annual #10
GD Swimsuit #7
GD Swimsuit #9