Tuesday, May 17, 2005


"Scientists will tell you that the goal of hockey is to put the puck in the net, using a stick while wearing skates. They will qualify this statement, however, by referring the rules of hockey for a more complete answer, more complex than that simplified statement which doesn`t actually do justice to the game, and allow for other factors which can be considered "goals".

"Creationists will argue that the goal in hockey is to pray to god to send a swarm of moths to eat your "Toronto Maple Leafs" Jersey, citing classic children`s story "the Hockey Sweater" as irrefutable proof.

"Attacking the scientific position, Creationists will insist that the so-called "rules" the scientists refer to aren`t perfectly consistent, and that there is some disagreement between the goal being "scoring the puck into the net", "having a good time" and "winning", and that this shows how the scientific theory is deeply flawed, which naturally proves their "praying for Moths from God" position. Furthermore, the existence of other forms of hockey such as street hockey and table hockey proves that the scientists statements about hockey are woefully inadequate.

"When scientists declare that, while it is a good book about hockey, "The Hockey Sweater" still doesn't actually say anything about the goal of the game itself, and furthermore that`s not evern the point of the story, creationists will accuse the scientists of hating children."

-Dan Druff, POE forums.


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