This is a repository of all the fanwork I've been sent over the years for the Evil Zone Shrine. As a point of fact, there is actually more than this, but unfortunately, a hard drive problem some time ago erased the file I had kept with the names and addresses of contributors. If you sent any art during the period of time the old shrine was still up and it isn't here, please email me and let me know so we can get that rectified!

New fanart or fanfiction is always welcome, and at this new home, I promise to put it up... uh... semi-promptly! Simply e-mail me with a subject line mentioning the Shrine, and I'll be happy to put it up for display.

Thanks so much for all those that have contributed to this section and shared your love of Evil Zone with the world!

Fanart - Fanart sent in by Evil Zone/Eretzvaju fans

Fanfiction - Stories written by fans