Last update: March 25, 2009: That was quite the break, huh? Some minor fixes and changes around the site, as well as new fanart and a new fanfic section! Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Welcome to Memories of I-Praseru, a shrine to the Playstation game Evil Zone, also known as Eretzvaju. If you're a fan of the game, you won't find a better site than this, so enjoy looking at all the various content. If you don't know about Evil Zone, hey, here's your chance to find out why anybody still cares about an obscure fighting game from the last millennium... and then go out and buy it, since you're either unlucky or in some really far-flung corner of the world if you can't find a copy floating around for more than a pittance!

This site has been quite awhile in the making. Over six years, in fact. I first made "Blade's Itsy-Bitsy Evil Zone Shrine" in a single afternoon in 1999 after picking up the game. It was not exactly an impressive site; but I was enthusiastic both about the game and about HTML then, and there was no other Evil Zone sites on the Net at that point, so I decided to make one. Eventually I added a few more pictures and a section for fanart, and assumed that would be about it. Even at the time, I was pretty sure that site would be forgotten in a few years at most.

And it would have been, except for the amazing amount of affection this game has garnered all around the world. Despite the fact the silly little site was very simple and short on content, and even as I updated it less and less frequently, emails continued to pour in from people who loved Evil Zone and appreciated the honestly miniscule amount of effort I'd put into making a site for it. Not just email, either, but lots of fanart, which I was ashamed to not be putting up on the site regularly, but I'd moved on to other things and never seemed to have the time or energy to fiddle with Tripod and think up quips to accompany the updates. In 2006, five years after I'd stopped updating the site regularly, I still got an average of a mail a week and a steady trickle of hits on the old site. From America, from Canada, from Europe, Japan, the Middle East; there's fans of this game just about everywhere.

Thank you. Sincerely, thank you. Where on my own I probably would have stopped thinking about Evil Zone years ago, you all reminded me. Even though there were many mails I didn't respond to, I read every one. Even though it took me forever to put up fanart, I still saved every one and wondered at it. It was great, but also made me embarassed of my tiny, crappy little shrine. The more so because so much feedback was thanking me and praising said crappy built-in-one-afternoon site. The enthusiasm people showed rekindled my own enthusiasm for this game, and the appreciation they showed for the tiny bit I'd done made me want to have a site that was worthy of all that praise.

This is that site. For everyone who sent me email or fanart, for everyone who kept visiting the old site right up until I opened this one, and for everyone who was just a fan of this game: this site is for all of you. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the fandom alive - we won't give up on the chance for a sequel someday!

Credit where credit is due - if I was good enough to make a design like this, the first site would have been better! In fact, the basic layout for this new Evil Zone shrine was done by Jason Heavensrun, who was who first recommended I buy Evil Zone, long ago. He did it as a favour because I pay to host his own website, and also because he's still a fan. Thanks, man, I couldn't have done it without you. Check out his own website: