So what sort of goodies can you get to feed your Evil Zone addiction?

Plenty! Well, relatively speaking. We're not talking Street Fighter or DoA levels of crap here, but there were a few Evil Zone products released, in additional to promotional posters and such. For those interested in looking for any of the Japan-only products (which is pretty much all of them aside from the game itself), your best bet is to search for "Eretzvaju" on Rinkya; most of these products I've seen crop up there from time to time.

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Of course, without this product, there wouldn't be any of the others! In case you're wondering what the box looks like in your region (or in another), here it is! Find it for $5 in your local discount bin today!

This is the official Eretzvaju soundtrack, released shortly after the game itself by A'Zip Music. Its catalogue number is AZCA-10018, and despite what's listed on various sites, apparently its actually got 15 tracks, including all the BGM from the Japanese version of the game and Kiss In The Dark. It may not include the vocal version of Erel's theme. It also includes a twenty-minute drama track. (Thanks to Garath for the correction!)

This is the Eretzvaju drama CD, also released by A'Zip, catalogue number AZCA-10017. As I don't own this yet, I can't say too much definitively, but it's a safe bet most of the CD is vocal tracks. It does, however, also include Kiss In The Dark by Masami Okui, the original Eretzvaju opening theme, which makes it a good purchase in and of itself. If the vocal version of Erel's theme isn't on the other soundtrack, there's a decent chance it's here instead.

The official guidebook for Eretzvaju, this is stocked with illos of each character, walkthroughs of their storylines, interviews with voice actors and others, design sketches of the characters, and other such goodies.

This is a set of cards released by Broccoli, of the sort that would normally be called "collectible" or "trading" but that's kind of a misnomer given that you get them all in a pack. Inside is a set of nine cards with the official art of all the characters (aside from Ihadulca). When put together, the reverse sides of all the cards form a large picture of Ihadulca as well as some unique lineart of the other characters (as on the cover art of the pack).

A set of three Eretzvaju "clear files" (essentially transparent plastic file folders with designs on them) which are bought as a pack. Not much to say about them besides that, but it's very cool, very high-quality art.

Like nearly everything else in the 90s, Eretzvaju had phone cards! The one above is probably the most prized for its unique art, but there was at least one other, sporting the official arts of Danzaiver, Erel and Setsuna with the Eretzvaju logo.

That's all I know about right now, but if you know of any other Eretzvaju products, kindly let me know about them!