Name: Kakurine

Age: 10,010
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: July 23
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Measurements: 68-54-61
Blood Type: AB
Genre: She'd fit into Tenchi Muyo.

Over ten thousand years old, Kakurine and her lover Lea once existed in a dimension far beyond our own, spiritually supporting each other's bodiless existence, further refining their vast powers, and enjoying their Astral Conceptual Lesbian Luvluv. At least, Kakurine enjoyed it, and assumed Lea did as well. This may have been a mistaken impression, since some time ago, Lea discovered a way to incarnate her essence in physical form without Kakurine's assistance, and promptly ditched her lover to go live out lives in multiple different bodies through the physical universe.

Kakurine was not pleased by this. When trying to persuade Lea to come back into her conceptual arms didn't work out, she went to the next logical step: killing every body she incarnated in, thus ensuring Lea would love her again. It is possible Kakurine didn't quite think out this plan to all its logical conclusions. Regardless, she pursued it assiduously. At first, she created the armour Void, artifacts with powerful offensive and defensive capabilities which she attached to spiritually powerful humans; the armours would then take over the bodies of their hosts and instinctively seek out and destroy incarnations of Lea. However, the armours proved not up to the task, and most were destroyed by Lea. Frustrated, Kakurine discovered how to incarnate herself in physical form (though she apparently either chooses or is forced to do so in only one body), and thus set out to kill all of Lea's incarnations personally. She has been pretty successful, but for some reason, Lea keeps running away and reincarnating rather than coming back home, so Kakurine's search continues.

Kakurine is incredibly powerful. Her magical potency far exceeds even the Lost Legacy that Alty commands, and her ability to break through dimensional barriers and defy natural forces baffles even the most advanced science. Despite being millennia old, she chooses to take on the appearence and mannerisms of a small child; she does this largely because it amuses her, though she can drop the facade at any time. She does not particularly like to be forced to kill Lea, especially since it's a battle she can never be completely certain of winning. Accordingly, she is quite willing to manipulate, cajole, force or even sometimes give aid to the various powerful mortals who are also seeking her incarnation "Ihadulca" in hopes that they will kill her lover for her.

Fantastic Abilities

Theme Song: Feel The Mystical

  • Episode 1: "I Am Kakurine" (vs Alty)
  • Episode 2: "That One And Me" (vs Danzaiver)
  • Episode 3: "My Memory" (vs Erel)
  • Episode 4: "I Am Lost" (vs Gally)
  • Episode 5: "That Is The Reason I Am Alive" (vs Keiya)
  • Episode 6: "The Place Where I Return" (vs Linedwell)
  • Episode 7: "I Am A Fool" (vs Kakurine)
  • Episode 8: "I Am Alone" (vs Midori)
  • Episode 9: "I Am... After All, 'Kakurine'" (vs Setsuna)
  • Final Episode: "I Am An Idiot" (vs Ihadulca)

BLADE'S FINAL WORD: Kakurine is just totally awesome. Go psychotic godlike conceptual lolicon lesbians! It's rather funny that the only storymode in which Kakurine is truly defeated is her own; no other character can defeat her, though a few - mostly Setsuna and Lie - can at least give her pause.

The game refers to her as having Super-Transcendental Powers. I have no comment to that, since none is necessary.

She also has the best theme song!