Yep, when it came to the US (and almost certainly Europe, though I haven't seen a EU version of Evil Zone to check for certain), Tidus made some changes in the service of increasing palatability to the perceived American mainstream market, or just to avoid getting in trouble with Republicans and/or Joe Lieberman. That is in addition to the fact of course that the translation was incredibly rushed, the voice actors of uneven quality, and the sound mixing grotesquely bad. All the sorts of stuff that makes good little fanboys seethe with rage! So what is there to seethe about? Well...

  • They took out the original opening theme, Kiss In The Dark, and replaced it with an unnamed (though not too bad) instrumental track.
  • They also took our Erel's vocal background music and replaced it with one of the game's instrumental tracks. You can still hear a bit of the original song in Erel's eyecatch music, though.
  • They put pants on Erel! Yes! As you can see by looking at her actual art, Erel's costume originally left her legs bare. Almost certainly because her original model was very, uh, cheeky, Tidus decided to cover her up a bit. They either forgot or didn't bother to cover up the portion of her legs that shows through her boots, however. Interestingly, while the European/Australian region version of the game has the changed music and English voices, they left Erel's pants off. (Thanks to Kal Yoshika for that info!)
  • Many of the names of the "TV Shows" got changed, though not all (Linedwell's story is Day Breaker in both versions, for instance). Not all of these were bad; I can't find it in my heart to complain about Klutzy Rogue being quietly switched to Bounty Hunter, and Moe Moe Erel becoming Passionate Erel isn't so bad.
  • Some of the ages are changed, often hilariously obviously (e.g. archetypical high school girl Setsuna suddenly becomes a 21-year-old college student).
  • Some of the names were sort of changed due to a rushed translation; i.e., the main villain's name is "Ihadurca" in the English instruction booklet, but pronounced "Ihadulca" in the game. Which sounds better, so it also gets used that way on this site!
  • In the original version, Gally can be seen smoking a cigar; this was removed from the English version. I wonder if they also hate smoking (but not womanflesh!) in Europe/Oz - anyone care to confirm?

And that's all that I know at this point, for certain (other than the obvious things like changed logos, voice actors, etc.). I suspect heavily there's more changes in the storyline (could it be possible that Setsuna is even more gay in the original version?), but it'd take someone with a much better knowledge of Japanese than me to check for those. Feel free to let me know if you know of any others for certain!