So, this might be the premiere Evil Zone site on the net, but it's not finished yet! I want, crave, need more content! Or more goodies for my personal hoarding, take your pick. Here's what they are! If you have a solution for these burning questions or anything else about EZ not covered on the site, please mail me and let me know about it!

So... what is this? It's from a Korean site, here. It seems like it might be a version of the game for the computer? It's dated from 2003, which is more recent than any other EZ things I know of. Anybody able to fill me in so it can be added to the merch page, at least?

Somewhere. SOMEWHERE, there are clean, creditless versions of the ending movies such as cannot be gotten from the English version of the game. And I want to know where, very very badly. Are they in the Japanese version of the game? Some extra with the first pressing? Who can I sell my soul to for the chance to get clean screencaptures from these?

There's tons of gaming-related magazines in Japan, such a Gamest. They often do special issues devoted to various fighting games, chock full of art and such; plus they also print tons of reader-submitted fan art. If anybody's seen any of them with Eretzvaju content, especially an entire issue primarily dedicated to it, I'd like to know and would either like to purchase it or at least get high-res scans.

As Eretzvaju was created before computer animation had taken over the industry in general and AIC specifically, there are cels of its animation. This is further proven by the above picture, a promotional image of the European release of the game which is clearly of the hanken cel of this image, noting where the edges of the image "bleed". Some games don't have their cels released publically, but some do, and some which didn't (like Xenogears) have a few cels that trickle out into the market anyway. If anyone has or knows where some of the Eretzvaju cels can be found, I'd love to hear about it. If someone doesn't want to sell, it'd still be nice to get a scan, and I'd be happy to link to any gallery with Eretzvaju cels.