Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Links page updated

Added a couple of Links to Al-X's webpage and webcomic, respectively.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Well, the Blog is now officially linked from all the HTML on the page, as near as I can tell, and I've added a few pics here and there in the following categories:  
Fan Art
Original Hentai
Hentai Fan Art

And since this is a blog, I might as well take a second to blather about something relatively meaningless.  One may notice, as they peruse this page and the links to other projects that I'm involved with, that I seem to have a predeliction with the name "Jo".  Well, there's a story behind that, and I might as well go through it.
When I got on the net, and came up with the name Jason Heavensrun, I got involved in various roleplaying projects online.  Since I was already -operating- under a pseudonym, I tended to just adopt that persona for my games.  In one of these roleplaying projects, GRIT, "Jason" became cloned numerous times. As a side effect of this, the various iterations of "Jason" all recieved various nicknames. The original, being bi-gendered (GRIT is set in the ranma universe), came to be known as J-O, or Jason-Original, which later got shortened to Jo.
This first Jo was, effectively, a Mary Sue, a sort of expression of the traits I aspire towards, but at the same time, Jo was something different from me.  A speculation on what a person going through these sorts of physical and psychological changes might be.
I came to want to develop this character in a more serious setting, so I stripped away all of the elements that tied Jo into Ranma 1/2, and created a new world around this character.  A more serious, life-or-death series of situations that a character like Jo could really flourish in.  I called it a lot of things, and may yet call it other names still, but at the moment it's called Firewater.  This manga project to come was, in a way, inspired by something that was inspired by Ranma 1/2, but it is undeniably a -very- different kind of experience.  People live, die, love and hate over the course of several years of storyline.  It is, as I imagine it, an epic of the grandest scale, truely dealing with the best and worst humanity has to offer.  I'm not egotistical to profess that it will be anything revolutionary, but what it will be, I guarantee you, is heartfelt.
So here I had two versions of the same character, each one stage further from myself.  Then, one day, on a whim, I drew a smut furry version of firewater Jo.  I sold the piece on furbid with some other random furry art I'd drawn, and set it by the wayside, but as I became intially tertially involved with Furbidden Realms, this random offshoot character became something a bit different, another step removed from being me.
Then came another complication.  I created a character on Furcadia, which is basically a graphical chatroom for furry fans, named Jo.  I never much got into Furc, because I don't do especially well in public forums and there are other aspects of Furc's user base that don't particularly appeal to me, but the one thing that -did- come of this is this version of Jo, by association with Fox and Talen's Furc characters, became another resident of the Furbidden Realms cast.
By this point, I was officially invited into FR, and it became nessecary to seperate the two Jo's in some obvious way.  so the bunny version recieved the nickname of Bijo, or B-Jo, and the cat version, simply Jo.
By this point, Jo has become something of an affectionate concession to my own fannish roots.  He/she is like a signature.  Like Squaresoft with their trademark Cid/Chocobo incarnations, I doubt I'll be able to resist incorperating a Jo into everything I do from this day onward.  Sometimes I wonder if this is wise, or if it might prevent me from being taken seriously.  Generally I like to hope that the content and craftsmanship of my comicking will be sufficient to overcome such emotions, but I suppose I may never -really- know.

Friday, July 16, 2004

First post!

Well, here's my blog.  After quite a lot of struggling, coding, and a great deal of caffine, I've managed to join the ranks of webloggers.  For those of you who've found your way here, over time I'm going to use this space to talk or rant about various topics, log any major updates to my webpage, and try to keep you all abreast of the general status of my art career.