Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A dark day for democracy...

...And I'm not even talking about the reelection of Bush.

I supported Kerry this election, even knowing that, as an Oklahoman, a vote for Kerry doesn't really "count". But while I favored the democratic nominee for this year's election, I'm a registered independent, and if I -think- hard enough, I can kindof see Bush's perspective on things, even if I think he's wrong. Sure, he lied, and they cheated a little here and there, and they started a war with a country that was really just kindof sitting there at the time, but from his close-minded and limited perspective, I really think he at least in part, felt he was doing things for the greater good of mankind.

Were he less of an asshole, I could even learn to like him slightly.

No, the thing that depresses me most about this election is the continuing imposition of religion on the people of this country. As I'm sure anyone reading this knows, anti gay marriage laws were passed in eleven states out of eleven attempting. It was a heavily lopsided win, unlike the presidential election, and also unlike the presidential election, I cannot console myself with an understanding of -why- people let it happen. -Helped- it happen, even.

And why? NOONE has been able to tell me WHY they think gay marriage is such a "Problem". "Preserving the sanctity of Marrage" from WHAT? From people who love each other, who want to spend the rest of their lives depending on each other having an opportunity to legally share one another's lives? BULLSHIT. No straight couple is affected by any gay couple. Nobody thinks it'll cause an uprise of homosexuality, noone reasonable thinks it will do anything serious to the political economy.

You want to protect the sanctity of marriage? How about we impose criminal penalties for cheating on your spouse? How about we stop people from getting married for tax purposes? You want to protect the sanctity of marriage? Deal with the STRAIGHT people who SHIT ON IT EVERY DAY OF THEIR MISERABLE FUCKING LIVES.

People don't want gay marriage to exist because THEY CLAIM it's immoral. But only a few religions actually -SAY- anything about it, (tho obviously not more then 20 percent in my home state) and last I heard, our government was founded on rationality and social concience, NOT on the evangelical RANTINGS of a TWO THOUSAND YEAR OLD BOOK.

People don't want gay marriage to exist because GAYS CREEP THEM OUT. It's ignorance, and intolerance, and that's all.

It's a step BACKWARDS for social progress in this country.

If any of you read this, and believe what I say, I encourage you to stick it in an e-mail and send it to everyone you know.

If any of you voted for ANY proposal to limit gay marriage, however,