Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Return of the Jedi

And two and a half months later, I return to my website!

A lot has happened since my rousing expression of despair at my country's lack of tolerance, most notably of which: I had a pinup published in the latest Hit the Beach!

Oh, and I got back into school.

It's been about five years since my last dip into the world of academia, which was nearly four years after my -first- dip into the world of academia. College was...an idiotic decision for me, coming out of high school. Particularly a frat-heavy, sports-obsessed campus like OU. That, on top of the fact that my direction in life wasn't exactly cemented, on top of the fact that I was a social -waste-, on top of the fact that I was smarter then my professors but somehow STILL had low self esteem, on top of...

Well, let's just say I was in the wrong place, and by and large I was the wrong person.

I thought a lot about things before deciding to return. Of course, this time it's not OU, but the University of Central Oklahoma. It's a more personal campus, the professors, at least so far, seem a lot more focused and enthusiastic, to be honest, and my class schedule is a little more intelligent. And there's also the fact that I've grown and matured a lot as a person. For the longest time, I felt that school was too childish for me. I was smarter then most of the people around me, and everything seemed focused on the concept of menial tasks and repetition, repetition, repetition.

But now, I start to realize, there was a bit of a problem on both ends. Wrong school, wrong person. This time, I feel a lot more at home with what I'm doing. I feel like I'm in the right place, and I feel like I can benefit a lot from the experience. I've also come to realize that just because I realize things someone else doesn't, that doesn't automatically make me smarter and better then them. Living in the world has humbled me a bit.

I also like my professors a lot better this time around. ^_^

Anyway, there have been events -other- then the realm of academia. The "upcoming story in a GD Annual" that I referenced in my profile turned out to be -two- stories, and a pinup. The pinup I had sent in as a windfall in case they didn't have room in their layout for a five page story from somebody they'd only published one time, but I ended up getting a healthy chunk of the book to myself, which gave me a little ego boost. I -really- didn't expect them to pull out the "Prodigal sister" submission from the previous year. That was a really happy surprise.

I'll be updating my profile page in the near future to include the new releases, and while I don't -know- if it represents a problem with Antarctic, I'm gonna go ahead and pull the story off my site here, in case they feel antsy about copyright issues. If anybody wants to see it, they can grab the annual. I highly recommend it, as there's some neat material besides mine.

I'm going to try and become more regular with the updates to this blog, (and with my art in general) so check back now and again for more thoughts and imagery.