Sunday, February 01, 2009


HOLY SHIT. I seriously did not realize that I'd abandoned this blog for this long. Behold with amazement as a cunningly idiotic commenter drags me back to the land of, which has apparently been absorbed by our lord Google. I stand in astonishment at a year number -3 from the current date, and almost to the day, to boot.

Ye gads, but what do I say after such a striking absence. No one actually visits this page, typically, although apparently someone found it recently, so hey, maybe -someone- will happen across this blog post.

I am, as it happens, attending college these days, studying to become a physicist, and I am also dating a truly awesome young woman. I still draw occasionally, although I'm hideously behind on commissions, and consequently have pretty much stopped taking them.

I have issues with absentmindedness. It's something of a character flaw, and it gets me in trouble often. It only seems to get worse as I move further into my life. I'm pretty sure I'm too young to be going senile, however. BUT! I think I made a resolution once not to use this blog as an angsty livejournal emo-fest, so I'll not linger on that. so I'll just go with this.

Hey, you. Yeah, the person reading this.

Have I ever said I'd do something for you?

Have I done it?


Please remind me of it.


Seriously. I'm not just being lazy, or deceitful. I FORGOT, and I have NO SENSE OF THE PASSAGE OF TIME.

Help. Please.