Character Guide

First off, we should explain what this is, and what this isn’t.

This is a guide to characters that appear in Hybrid Theory. This is not a guide to the character of Hybrid Theory. It doesn’t cover the events in Hybrid Theory, and only peripherally touches on events that are discussed, referred to, or happen in Hybrid Theory.

Nor is it intended to be a character guide so you know who’s who. If you don’t know who’s who in Hybrid Theory, we haven’t done our job: this isn’t a reference for that. Nor will the pictures displayed be updated to reflect any design changes in Hybrid Theory, because it’s about the character as they were before the events of Hybrid Theory interacted with them. Accordingly, the sorting of characters is done first by series, and then by appearance order (in Hybrid Theory).

What this is is a reference for people who might want to know a little bit more about the characters in Hybrid Theory, and see pictures of what they looked like in their particular series. They are summary evaluations of notable character traits, general powers and where they stand in the pecking order, and any interesting bits of backstory that aren’t mentioned in Hybrid Theory because they are not important to the story. It will also contain a bit of fleshing out for characters specifically who are very minor in Hybrid Theory, due to not appearing very long, or dying, or Chris taking their bodies, or what-have-you. Also, there’s pretty pictures! Blade went through a lot of trouble to get some of these pictures, so you’d better all appreciate them. Or he’ll kill your favourite character and take their body next!

So, with that being said, enjoy!

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